How to start a WordPress Blog?

If you want to start a blog or website of your own here is where you will find information to give you a jumpstart and provide you with the basics you need to know to build your blog or website and create a WordPress blog of your own.

What is WordPress?

In simple words, WordPress is a piece of software living in the web allowing you to create your own website or blog. Since its release back in 2003, WordPress evolve into one of the most used web publishing platforms, powering a humongous number of websites (think of over 71 million, enormous isn’t it?). Using industry-standard tools like PHP and MySQL database, the platform can run on just about any modern server infrastructure.

Calling it “only” a blogging tool wouldn’t do WordPress justice, furthermore, it can be considered a highly flexible content management system (CMS). With it, you are able to build and maintain a full-blown website with the comfort of using your favorite browser. The best part is not to be forgotten; it is completely free. Improvements and evolutions are constantly implemented. As an open-source project, it benefits from high numbers of volunteers from all around the globe participating in developing the code for WordPress software further. Besides side WordPress can be extended by using plug-ins, widgets, and themes giving you the opportunity to customize your website almost without limits.

Reasons why WordPress could be a great choice for building your website or blog:


  1. Open source, constantly improving and evolving.
  2. User-friendly. No expert knowledge like  HTML is required. If you’re able to handle Microsoft Word, you will be able to create your website content in WordPress.
  3. Extensible and flexible. Plug-ins and themes allow you to change the entire feel and layout of your website almost effortlessly.
  4. Being popular you will recognize how easy it is to get information and support on the internet about WordPress. Not only the official WordPress forum but uncountable numbers of other resources like forums, Facebook groups, etc. will help you out big time.
  5. Search Engine Friendliness. WordPress optimizes your content for search engines which obviously can be seen as crucial to your site’s reach and visibility (Feel free to google W3C standards, RSS, Ping-O-Matic)
  6. Not being locked into platforms that are not your own means freedom and control as to what you can or can not do on your own web presence. Your own blog or website will not be shut down by anything other than your own decision. You even can import content from other systems like blogger, tumbler, Instagram, or Twitter to your WordPress. Should you ever be fed up with Worpress it comes with tools to allow you to export your data and move it eventually to a different system.

Broken down into high-level steps setting up a WordPress website goes something like this:

  1. Get yourself a web hosting provider and a domain name (or go with one of the free services out there but be aware of the restrictions)
  2. Install WordPress (most hosting providers offer software installation procedures out of their backends
  3. Adjust settings and permalinks structure to your liking
  4. Add essential plug-ins if applicable
  5. Install a theme you love – or go with the default themes including in WP
  6. Add content
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Youtube is a great resource for finding tutorials on all things WordPress – you may want to check this one: